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We have been building houses for over 30 years

GlobalMix Capital Ltd. is a private equity company founded in 2007 to provide superior returns to investment capital, as well as unrivalled and superior services to both its shareholders and clients.

We are involved in the communications, food, pension fund, real estate and financial sectors of the Nigerian economy.

We are a responsible builder who understands that property development isn’t just about constructing homes with a great specification in a sought-after location, but, creating modern, sustainable homes our customers and future generations will be proud to call their own.

The board of directors is made up of individuals who have excelled in their various fields thereby bringing a wealth of experience to the company’s operation and philosophy.

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Our values

We deliver first-class developments that exemplify quality and add value to residents, investors and the surrounding community.
All of our apartments have features that are beneficial for everyone and we utilise innovative solutions to make you feel truly at home.
We have a reputation and expertise for excellence and we have been operating in this space for over 20 years.

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